Umami Ramen announces it will temporarily shutter its doors.

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It can be incredibly frustrating when your favorite restaurant unexpectedly has to close its doors, but fans of this Battle Creek favorite understand. Umami Ramen made the announcement that they would have to close for a short time.

The owners of Umami Ramen made the announcement on the evening of Monday, January 10, 2022, that for numerous reasons, they were shuttering their doors for a short time. No reopening date has been given at this time.

The reasons given for the closure were mainly for "health and wellness". In the announcement, the owners noted that they would be strategizing on how to move forward while dealing with staff shortages and supply chain issues.

In this age where it seems there is little understanding for those struggling, patrons of the much-loved ramen joint were quick to offer words of support and encouragement.

As we told you in 2021, Umami Ramen has won numerous awards for their amazing food:

You can find more info on the awards they've won here as well as find their menu.

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