The Battle Creek City Commission will be considering a measure that would allow a specialty alcohol producer to open up in downtown Battle Creek.

The City Commission’s agenda for their Tuesday meeting features a vote on the adoption of a resolution, that would allow craft distilleries and small-scale wineries in areas zoned for Street Level Retail. After Battle Creek Unlimited announced incentives for craft breweries to open up in vacant downtown Battle Creek buildings, New Holland Brewery took them up on their offer, and began planning to overhaul 64 W. Michigan Ave.

BCU requested the changes to city ordinance in order to allow New Holland to distill spirits in addition to their more well-known craft beer. An MLive article from 10 years ago says that New Holland had been distilling spirits since 2005, but had been unable to sell and distribute the vast majority of them until 2008. The West Michigan company produces a variety of liquors, including rum, gin, whiskey, and bourbon.

The approval of this ordinance is also supported by Battle Creek’s City Planning and Economic Development teams.

New Holland was the first brewery to take BCU up on their offer of a $200,000 grant, but they haven't been the only one; a new, unnamed craft brewer plans to set up shop at 15 Carlyle St, and BCU CEO Joe Sobieralski said in June that the empty 119 W. Michigan Ave. in downtown could potentially host a brewery as well.

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