It’s never a good thing when a local business closes down here in Southwest Michigan. We’ve unfortunately seen some great logo businesses have to close their doors in the last few years. But when a major retailer announces that they’re filing for bankruptcy, it’s usually a pretty clear sign that you can expect to see some closures from them.

But then there are the rare cases when a retailer will announce bankruptcy and immediately close all of their locations. This is exactly what happened recently to all the Ohio locations of the body shop. CNN reported that the Canadian-based retailer immediately shut down all of the operations happening in the US including all of its Ohio locations, including Columbus, and also closed dozens of locations throughout Canada as well.

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The Body Shop is one of those stores that mainly operate in malls and with the decline of mall attendance in the United States and inflation on the rise, it seems hard times have completely taken this place out. So the next time you’re at the mall that was once home to the body shop you may see that they have already shut down and can expect a new business to take its place.

As for The Body Shop itself, it hasn't outright closed throughout the entire world, but it will be hard to bounce back from this developing issue. This may be a new business direction made by the new owners of the company, who purchased it back in 2023 for $266 million.

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