Save your quarters and don't tilt. Pinball at the Zoo is returning to Kalamazoo in 2019.

For fans of the silver ball, this is something to flip over: Pinball at the Zoo has the website up and running for 2019. Here's what we know:

Pinball at the Zoo 2019- April 25-27 Kalamazoo County Expo Center

  • 2-10 pm Thursday
  • 1-10 pm Friday
  • 9 am-6 pm Saturday

Pinball has experienced a resurgence in recent years and for some of us, it never went away. I've been playing my whole life and look forward to Pinball at the Zoo every year. This is a chance for new players to experience pinball or, if you like me, rediscover machines you have long-since forgotten.

Pinball is different from a video game that follows a set pattern- anything can happen as the speed of the ball and the power and angle that it hits your flippers is constantly changing. Yet, as good players know, each game does have an objective of sorts- certain shots you have to hit in sequence to get the most points or trigger a multi-ball.

Cost is $15 per adult/day, kids 5-13 years old $8/day, children 4 and under are free. Presale packages are available until April 15. So, save up your quarters and look for my name on the high score board at Pinball at the Zoo 2019.

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