The Copper Bar in Marshall, aptly named for its copper-top bar is for sale. The bar, which is on the ground floor of the building at 133 W. Michigan Avenue is listed for sale at $275,000.

The Copper Bar scores rave reviews on sites like TripAdvisor where user rsr_3_3_13 says,

Small home town bar with very casual atmosphere. Although behind the bar is an awesome display of antique woodwork. Go ahead and throw the peanut shells on the floor! Roasted right there. Messages scrolled on the wall from days gone by.
A pool table if you're in the mood.

and Ann R. reviewed the Copper Bar this way:

Husband and I try to eat lunch here every Saturday. This is a small establishment with only a handful of tables. The cook grills burgers the old fashioned way, and their taste reminds me of those I used to get at the luncheon counter at Woolworths and Grants.

They have great fries (made to order) and their friend mushrooms and poppers are awesome.

If you are looking for atmosphere, head over to Shuler's. If you want a memorable burger, come here.

The listing, which is brokered by Berkshire Hathaway, is described as:

Well known Historic Bar in Historic Marshall. This Bar is well established and well known throughout Southern Michigan. Includes building, furnishings, and all licenses.

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