I was just talking about how the Detroit Lions are now unofficially America’s team, and that the Dallas Cowboys are no longer worthy of the title nor do they represent it by any means. The Dallas Cowboys may as well start printing shirts that say 12 - 5 because that’s the record they entered into the playoffs with before getting bounced out in the first round.

Ever since the controversial ending to the Dallas Cowboys game against the Detroit Lions a few weeks back, there has been a little bit of animosity between the two bases, but what a Dallas NBC affiliate seems to have done is a new level of saltiness.

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It may be a situation where there was a mistake with timing, but it seems all too convenient that after the Detroit Lions had converted one final first down to all but seal the game, The NBC affiliate in Dallas Channel 5 did not think it was necessary to show the Lions getting a playoff victory for the first time in 30 years.

They completely cut from the game’s final two minutes of play to a weather report so that chief meteorologist Rick Mitchell could report on what he said was a "little bit of a fluffy coating of snow" on the ground.

The news report’s saltiness could be measured its sodium levels would be enough to kill three men. Someone even claimed that they weren’t surprised by this move and also claimed that this channel once did not go to a weather report during a Cowboys game when a tornado was fixing to touch down.


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