Demolition progress at the now burned down Babcock Dairy in Toledo, Ohio has revealed how immature most of us are.

If you missed it, earlier this year Babcock Dairy was set ablaze in what was ruled to be an act of arson due to the presence of an accelerant:

Now, construction crews are in the process of tearing down what remains of the building and the towering smoke stack. Except, someone passing happened to notice that demotion was stopped at an...interesting point.

A picture was captured and shared to Reddit. Warning: this could be considered not safe for work:

Did I laugh when I saw this picture? Yes, I did. And I'm not alone. As you can imagine, the comments, especially from Reddit users, took the joke way beyond a simple, amusing, and unfortunate stop point in demolition:

Clearly that was left on purpose lol - u/Spaceballsfan33

So now we need to petition to make this a historic monument and ensure that it remains in this condition for as long as possible, right? - u/Scoongili 

Save the cock tower - u/techmonkey920 

Remember that Jimmy Hendrix song..... All along the cock tower? Was it about this? - u/dmacd71

And so on. There are over 700 comments of nothing but d**k jokes and honestly, I'm almost impressed. See the full post here.

An updated article from says that some preservationists asked that the tower be spared from the demolition for historical purposes but, it seems, that request was ultimately denied. Additionally, police in the area are still looking for those responsible for the fire. Read more here.

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