This Battle Creek native is a professional wrestling champion, WWE Hall of Famer, and founder of a cannabis company.

Rob Van Dam graduated from Pennfield High School in the late 80s.  Robert Alexander Szatkowski aka RVD has been in the spotlight nearly his entire life as his first WWE appearance, which paid him a whopping $100 happened when he was only 16 years old.  RVD is one of only two wrestlers in history to once hold the WWE, ECW, and TNA world championships not to mention the longest tenure as champion in the ECW according to,

A two-time ECW Tag Team Champion, RVD made his reputation as ECW’s greatest Television Champion with a tenure that lasted 700 days — by far the longest in the title’s history.

Rob Van Dam was also recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2021.  Click here for more info.

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Van Dam's accomplishments during his wrestling career would have been enough for any one or even two people.  But RVD didn't stop there as he also acted in a couple of TV shows and movies.

Then in 2019, Robert Van Dam founded RVDCBD, a company that develops and distributes cannabis products.

With all of the incredible accomplishments in and out of the spotlight, maybe Rob Van Dam, a.k.a. RVD, a.k.a. Robert Alexander Szatkowski should be added to the 25 biggest celebrities that came out of Michigan.  What do you think?

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