Emmy Award winner Ed Asner will join Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop on the Rocker Morning Show just after 7:00, Tuesday, January 28th. This legend of screens both large and small, Asner portrayed legendary characters in Lou Grant, Elf, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Roots, Up, and so many more. Now, this son of a junkman who grew up in the West Bottoms of Kansas City, has penned an autobiography. Son of a Junkman pulls the reader in to Ed's childhood home and follows this loveable grump through his rise in Hollywood. He'll talk with Mike and Stefani about the inspiration to write the book, what it's been like to play so many notable characters, and what's next.

Don't miss the exclusive Rocker Morning Show interview with comedy legend Ed Asner just after 7:00, Tuesday, January 27th.

Bonus Video: Ed Asner on Playing God


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