It was just recently announced that some Thanksgiving traditions in Kalamazoo will be taking a bye year during the pandemic. Those in our community who relied so much on the generosity of places like Theo and Stacy's for their annual Thanksgiving meal are having to find other ways to celebrate the holiday. With so many more people in need in our community this year, it's nice to know that there is help and hope.

The good people at Mt. Zion Baptist Church on Roberson Street in Kalamazoo are hosting a Thanksgiving Basket Giveaway, Saturday, November 21st starting at 2:30pm. The first 150 families will receive a basket full of all the traditional fixings you need to celebrate Thanksgiving. No need to sign up or register in advance, just head on down and get in line.

Even though a lot of us have faced rough economic times, there are some of our friends and neighbors who have been hit harder. Shame, especially around food insecurity, keeps people from speaking up and asking for help. Share this article to make sure that this information reaches the people that need the most help, and hopefully, together, we can see that everyone in our area enjoys a wonderful Thanksgiving.

If nothing else, 2020 has sure put a lot of things in perspective, and although we have had challenges, we all have a lot to be thankful for.

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