Gilbert Gottfried was back on the Rocker Morning Show with Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop to, once again, talk about his services on Cameo, his Amazing Colossal podcast, and his latest project, Tournament of Laughs premiering Sunday on TBS.

Gottfried has been doing stand up since he was 15 years old living in New York City. Known for having no filter in his act, he jests, "It's like now whenever I say something I think twice, but I say it anyway."

50 years in the business is a long time, and Gottfried shows no signs of stopping. Between running his aforementioned podcast, being a guest on a new TBS show, and lending his services to Cameo, McKelly asked if retirement will ever be in his future.
"That's what a lot of people are saying, 'Why won't you please leave the business?'"
As far as the new television show, Tournament of Laughs, is concerned, Gottfried seems relatively hands off: "I know next to nothing about it. It's on TBS. I mean, for the longest time I was saying CBS. I wasn't even sure what channel it was on. It's like a contest of comedians. So basically after all these years I'm on Ed McMahon's Star Search."
Getting down to brass tacks, Father's Day is right around the corner, and if you're looking for a unique gift for dad, there are several customized messages from celebrities that you can craft for dad, including Gilbert Gottfried. It's all available on Cameo. And speaking of Father's Day, Gottfried's most recent episodes of his podcast, Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast, he's had some unique celebrity guest in honor of the holiday. "We've done a pre-Father's Day one with the sons of Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau together. We're about to do one with Alan Arkin and Adam Arkin."
It's all Gilbert all the time; on TV, on podcast, and in gift form. Check out the complete, exclusive Rocker Morning Show interview with Gilbert Gottfried below.

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