As far back as I can remember, the Dallas Cowboys have always been referred to as “America’s team “and yet they have failed year in and year out to produce any kind of results as soon as they get into the playoffs. Some people consider the "Jimmy Johnson Curse" to be a real thing which was based on the owner of the team Jerry Jones' refusal to add the legendary coach to the team's Ring of Honor, which also includes Michael Irvin, Troy Aikman, and Emmett Smith.

But it would appear as though that is not the case because the Cowboys dropped their only home loss this year in embarrassing fashion to the Green Bay Packers, which eliminated them from the first round of the playoffs, a few weeks after naming JJ to the ROH. It’s been 28 years since the Cowboys last won a Super Bowl. So if it’s been so long since they’ve been relevant in the postseason, why are they even called America’s team?
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Why Are Dallas Cowboys "America's Team?"

It goes back to a 1978 film that mentions that the team appeared so much on television that their faces were as familiar to the public as presidents and movie stars. The problem with this is that they are no longer relevant and if you take one good look around you’ll see that something is off and that they have been seemingly replaced as America’s team by the Detroit Lions.
So the question comes up, are the Detroit Lions now America’s team? Let’s make a case for this:

More Detroit Lion Fans At Away Games

All season long, not only have you seen the Detroit Lions battle back with a ferocity that they’ve never had before, but you are starting to see more and more Honolulu blue on a way than ever before. It seems that no matter where you go in the country there is a large pack of Lions fans who are supporting This team and their newfound battle towards a Super Bowl.

Lions Support From Celebrities

It’s not just fans all over the country but it’s actors as well. Twilight actor Taylor Lautner is from Michigan and even our hometown Keegan-Michael Key has been vocal about his support for the Lions as well. Even though most of the attention in the public eye has been on the Chiefs for reasons we don’t need to mention, it’s pretty safe to say that this is just temporary, and very clearly a publicity stunt.

No Longer Relevant Enough To Be Called America's Team

The entire point of being America’s team was that they were so good back in the 70s and in the 90s that they were relevant and on television all the time and had the strong support of many fans from all over the country, but the point is that they are no longer relevant and their fans have given up on them.

Walking Out On Your Team

Many fans, including TV Host Skip Bayless, claimed they’ve thrown all of their merchandise in the trash. As bad as things have been in Detroit, Lions fans have never thrown their team's stuff in the trash in bulk, they've suffered in the trenches with the team year in and year out. Cowboys fans are convinced everybody hates the Cowboys, but it's clear even Cowboys fans hate the Cowboys, so who's the real victim?

WE Dem Boys Now

It's very clear that Cowboys fans realize that they are no longer America’s team, and America has made it very apparent that they want a new team. One that defines what it's like to conquer against adversity. Something to connect with in these trying times. So I guess what I'm saying is when it comes to the Detroit Lions...
WE, in fact, Dem Boys!

Amazing Transition From Wrecked Basement To Detroit Lions Man-cave

Whether or not the Lions win or lose, there's no doubt the owner is gonna be enjoying Sunday football in style.

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