Gen Xers will know him as Steve Sanders from the early 90s Aaron Spelling runaway hit Beverly Hills 90210. Fans of SyFy have rooted for him time and again as Fin Shepard in the Sharknado franchise. But to say that Ian Ziering is excited about his next project, CW's Swamp Thing, would be an understatement. I caught up with him to see just how promising this incarnation of the 70s comic book is.

"People are going to lose their minds when they see this project," Ziering gushed. "They did it in a way that is not campy. They did it in a way where they spared no expense in hiring the top writers in Los Angeles and working with the top cinematographers, the top visual effects artists, and a cast that I am so humbled to work with. I just have to pinch myself. I get to work on a DC project playing the Blue Devil who's a super hero and the eight year old boy in me is brimming with excitement.

"It is jaw dropping."

Ziering plays Daniel Cassidy, a stuntman turned in to a reluctant super hero when he makes a deal with Phantom Stranger. "He isn't the super hero that leaves the bad guys in handcuffs for the cops to pick up later. No. He leaves the bad guys in pieces. It is a blood bath."

When Ziering is not bringing the Blue Devil to life, he's taking this time to focus on the future. "This has been a time of reflection and development for me, not just personally, but also professionally." Look forward to many more projects featuring Ziering behind the screen and on screen in the near future.

Swamp Thing premieres on CW Tuesday, October 6th. For my complete interview with Ian Ziering, click below.

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