We've experienced some of the coldest temps and wind chills ever in West Michigan.  We're only 2 weeks into Winter.

It's hard to ignore the record-breaking cold snap we are smack dab in the middle of right now.  For example, on Saturday, Dec 30th we dropped down to 8 below zero breaking a previous record low of -4 in 1983 according to intellicast.com.

In fact, we haven't been above freezing in West Michigan since December 23rd.  According to weather.com we may reach a high of 33 by Jan 8th.  That's 16 straight days below freezing.

Oh, by the way, there's this pesky thing called the 'Wind Chill Factor."  The National Weather Service tells us that Kalamazoo experienced 20 below zero wind chills this morning (Wednesday, Jan 3rd, 2017) and 17 below zero the day before that.

Not much relief in sight as we are expecting more snow and below zero temps in the next couple of days.  Stay warm friends.

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