Earlier this week, we told you about Battle Creek wrestling legend Rob Van Dam. Not to be outdone, Kalamazoo was once home to another professional wrestling superstar who shared the ring with RVD on a number of occasions.

Meet "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels.

Unlike RVD, who was billed from Battle Creek his entire professional career, Daniels has never been billed from Kalamazoo. That's because, while Daniels was born in Kalamazoo, his family moved to North Carolina when he was just three years old.

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Hey, if Kalamazoo can claim Derek Jeter, who wasn't born here, then we can claim a guy who was and moved away.

Afterall, Playback.fm names him the most famous person born in Kalamazoo.

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Born Daniel Christopher Covell, Daniels made his mark on the "independent scene" of professional wrestling with Ring of Honor wrestling before shooting to stardom at the height of TNA wrestling, now known as IMPACT Wrestling. Nearing his retirement, Daniels is now a member of the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) roster.

Daniels may not hold the same name power as many WWE stars, but within the wrestling community he's absolutely cemented himself as a wrestling legend.

Daniels was employed by WWE back when it was "The Federation" where he earned a few tryouts and dark matches but never stuck with the company. However, in ROH he was a world champion and in TNA he helped spurn the ever popular X-Division alongside the likes of AJ Styles and Jay Lethal.

Daniels is nearing the end of a nearly 30-year storied career that may never get the full and proper respect he's due. But we'll at least take the time to think of him as a small part of Kalamazoo history. He was born a "Kalamazooligan" after all.

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