Jason Slingerland, the Kalamazoo man behind the super fun (and super fast) game Unreal Estate, has created a Kickstarter for his next gaming adventure. This time Slingerland has teamed up with Green Couch Games in Grand Rapids, a partnership he is "super happy" about, to bring you Into the Black Forest, a magical card game that is fun for the whole family, yet challenging enough to keep seasoned gamers interested. According to the Kickstarter campaign:

Into the Black Forest is a new classic card game that provides a challenging puzzle of hand management, planning, and tactical decisions. Fans of trick-taking, area control, and light bluffing will love taking a journey Into The Black Forest!

Kickstarter/Jason Kotarski
Kickstarter/Jason Kotarski

So, if you're looking to expand your gaming collection or simply want to help a fellow Kalamazooligan reach his goal, click here to help fund Into the Black Forest! The game is expected to ship in May of 2019, so expect my full report and review then!


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