For those close to downtown Kalamazoo, who enjoyed going to the movies at the AMC Theater at 180 Portage St. by E. South St., there is some good news. KP Cinemas has just announced that they have purchased the building and will be reopening the movie theater very soon, planning to be open by November of this year.

It’s a quick turnaround, but KP Cinemas' Director of Operations Josh Ward is excited about the challenge and having it back open for the community, as WoodTV reported:

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We have to really come at it like we’re a brand-new business, a brand-new operator. So we have to go through the deep fire inspections. It’s not just the yearly inspections, there have been maintenance issues. We’ve had some elevator issues we’ve had to work through, but realistically, it hasn’t been too much of a problem. It’s a lot. It’s a huge building.

Ward also touched on the fact that when they plan on being open in November, they will not have the exact services AMC customers remember, until the middle of December sometime:

At the opening, we are going to be an all-counter food service. But as we expand the menu and stuff takes a little bit longer to make, we are leaning into doing that pager-type option. Likely not service in the theater, just because of the extensive staff and how much larger of a footprint it requires for our team to maintain.

You can follow KP Cinemas' Facebook page to keep an eye on updates to the theatre and when they'll officially be open.

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