You may have heard a quick blurb about a recent marijuana recall in the state of Michigan. Here are the Kalamazoo area dispensaries affected and what you need to do if your product is included in the recall.

Obviously, with marijuana being legal, there are a lot of people that visit local and trusted dispensaries. A recall like this not only upends businesses but shakes the faith that people have in the legal product they are purchasing.

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Last week, on November 17th, the MRA (or Marijuana Regulatory Agency) issued a recall for all products tested by Viridis North, LLC. It excluded products like resins and vape carts. But, the concern was, according to CBS News, that there was mold in the product that was being recalled.

This included all products tested between August 10th and November 16th of 2021. If there was indeed mold found in the marijuana that could pose a serious risk to those who, for example, have an allergy to mold or find themselves compromised in another way.

Are Local Dispensaries Included in this Recall?

Overall, 400 locations in Michigan were affected by this recall. Yes, that includes a few in the Kalamazoo area like:

  • Compassionate Care by Design
  • Exclusive
  • Lume
  • The Refinery

And more. In total, there are 10 affected dispensaries in Kalamazoo and 15 in Battle Creek. You can see the full list, which is sorted alphabetically by town, here.

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What Now?

First, you need to check to see if you have purchased any product included in the recall. Your product should include a label that lists the testing lab and the date on which it was tested. See the example below:

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

Again, the lab is Viridis North, LLC that tested products between 8/10 and 11/16 of this year. If you find that, yes, your product is included the best course of action is to call the dispensary where you purchased it. Lume, for example, offered to exchange the product and I'm sure other dispensaries will offer similar solutions.

Interestingly enough, the lab, Viridis North, is now suing the Marijuana Regulatory Agency claiming the recall of nearly 70% of the on-shelf product in Michigan was unjustified. Kevin Blair, one of the attorneys for Viridis North, was quoted by The Detroit News saying,

There is no public health or safety risk justifying the recall at all, and we respectfully request the Court to provide relief to Viridis and bring accountability and oversight to an agency that has far exceeded its authority

You can read more about the 200-page complaint that was filed against the MRA here.

Regardless of whether or not the recall was justified, it's usually better to play it safe. Make sure you double-check that product before you blaze up.

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