All kidding aside, how is it we have this Caribbean-looking pond in Kalamazoo? The little body of water in question is at Kalamazoo County's Markin Glen Park.

The water looks like something you'd see in the Caribbean, and jokingly the folks at Markin Glen will tell you "the water is imported from the Bermuda Triangle."

But maybe there's something to that, as it's just this pond that is this beautiful color.

Kalamazoo County's Markin Glen Park. (Photo courtesy of William Dolak)
Kalamazoo County's Markin Glen Park. (Photo courtesy of William Dolak)

A short discussion on Facebook speculated it might be algae, but then the photographer, Willam Dolak, pointed out that it's too cold right now for it to be algae.

There is probably some logical scientific explanation, and if we find out what it is, we'll update the story.

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But here's something else. I wonder how many people know about the five Kalamazoo County Parks in general?  Fort Custer, which is a state park gets talked about more, but you can also camp, bike, swim, hike, even play tennis, at Markin Glen, for example. And it's close by, on the north end of town. The address is on North Westnedge Ave, but it's located between Pitcher and Douglas,north of G Ave. West.

And that's a fascinating Kalamazoo story, too. Markin Glen was the estate of Morris Markin. He was the founder of Checker Motors in Kalamazoo. This is the park that taxi cabs built. Eventually the city owned the property and sold it to the county.

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