Jimmie Bones, keyboardist with Kid Rock's Twisted Brown Trucker Band has a special livestream solo show coming up on the Kalamazoo State Theatre Facebook page.

Not only does he know all the words, he can probably tell you what "Bawitdaba" means. Jimmie Bones is a Motor City native and he met Kid Rock before anybody outside of Motown knew who he was. It was 1995, Bones was doing some session work in Detroit when a young Kid Rock wandered over from the B room. The two struck up a friendship and later, while they were sharing rehearsal space, Jimmie would sit in on the last of Rock's rehearsal. Kid asked him to do some live performances and that became the foundation of the Twisted Brown Trucker Band. Jimmie Bones has taken his wood shed, street level musical education with him into a career that has found him onstage and in the studio with not only Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker but also Bob Seger, Peter Wolf, Sheryl Crow, Billy Gibbons, Hank Williams Jr., Mark Farner, Dick Wagner, and many others. Now, he's playing a virtual show at Kalamazoo State Theatre.

  • Jimmie Bones | Live performance followed by Q & A
  • Tuesday, June 9 | 1-2 pm
  • Kalamazoo State Theatre Facebook page

Jimme Bones will be playing songs from his 2017 solo record 'Snakebit and Wandering,' described as "a mix of Bones' blues, soul, roots rock and roll influences poured into his gritty singing, playing, and songwriting."

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