Maybe it doesn't get the press that Michigan/Ohio State gets, but the Michigan/Michigan State rivalry is pretty darned hot, too. This year, with both teams undefeated at 7-0, expectations are that the game might be one that people talk about for a while, but being undefeated isn't a requirement, as in 2015.

(Big Ten Network via YouTube)

Both teams came in undefeated at 5-0 in 1999, at East Lansing, and the Spartans came out victorious led by Kalamazoo's T.J. Duckett and Plaxico Burress, but a sophomore Wolverine quarterback almost engineered quite the comeback. Michigan coach Lloyd Carr alternated Tom Brady with Drew Henson, and Brady along with future NFL players Anthony Thomas and David Terrell, got the Wolverines going, though ultimately falling short.

Speaking of Kalamazoo's Duckett, how about the 2001 "Clock-gate" game that forced the Big Ten to use neutral off field officials for things like timekeeping. Duckett ran the ball in at the bitter end for the 26-24 win.

Let's take it back, way back, to 1956. Michigan State is ranked #2 and Michigan #5. That's the highest ranked the two came into the game. U of M dominated a scoreless. But in the second half, an interception led to a Spartan field goal and and fumble in the fourth quarter lead to a touchdown to seal the game 9-0.

But if we're going back, then let's really take it back, to 1902, when Michigan defeated Michigan Agricultural College, the precursor to MSU, 119-0.

And finally, there's 1978. Michigan had won eight years in a row, but that 1978 Michigan State team was special, led by future Detroit Tiger star Kirk Gibson. Gibson caught five passes that day, and State upset Michigan 24-15.

The following year, longtime Wolverine Hall of Fame announcer Bob Ufer was worked up, to say the least.

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