Seems like R.E.M's "It's the End of the World" should be playing in the background.

C.J. Carr, the grandson of retired Michigan football coaching legend Lloyd Carr, and a five-star recruit has announced he's taking his talents to South Bend. After everything we've been through the past few years, this news is still shocking to read.

Here's something funny to start with: I googled the Michigan-Notre Dame rivalry and wikipedia table of contents has an entry that simply says "1887: Michigan teaches the game to Notre Dame." So, needless to say, the two schools have been at it for a long time. Michigan won the game in 1887 8-0. They also won the latest one, in 2019, 45-14. Here's the bad news. The next time the two schools play is 2033, in Ann Arbor. Even if Carr red-shirted, he won't be around for that one.

But the deeper you dig into this storied rivalry, the more you learn why these two don't like each other. They've played each other for more than 130 years, but there have been "hiatuses", where usually Michigan got honked off about something Notre Dame did or didn't do. Those hiatuses twice lasted over thirty years.

(MLive Via YouTube)

And then there's the disputed championship in 1947. This dates back to when polls decided the national championship, and Michigan, though finishing second, argued their point margins were bigger. So the two didn't play again until 1978. It's gone back and forth since then, but the two don't play again for another ten years.

As for Carr, this does leave Michigan in a bit of a quandry, but that just adds to the rivalry.

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