Hollywood legend Lou Diamond Phillips is back as Detective Gil Arroyo in the darkly comedic Prodigal Son, which centers around a criminal psychologist who happens to be the son of one of the most notorious serial killers of the 1990s. With help from his partner and mentor (Arroyo), he sets out to solve some of the most heinous crimes in the city, all while dealing with a narcissistic mother, perfectly normal sister, and his father who is strives to have the father/son relationship they never had. Lou Diamond Phillips will join the Rocker Morning Show Thursday, September 26th just after 7:00am to talk about what sets this new show apart from others in the genre, how his character fits in the mix, and what it's like to have one of the longest careers in the business.

Tune in Thursday, September 26th just after 7:00am for the exclusive interview with Mike and Stefani from Rocker Morning Show.

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