The Kalamazoo Growlers, and Battle Creek Battle Jacks will meet up again on Friday, June 30th, but something will be different.

Neither team will be sporting their typical "Bear" and "Dog" mascot jerseys, but rather a delicious alternate mascot that will culminate in the first ever "Food Fight Night" in Battle Creek.

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Growlers fans are familiar with the "Mac Daddies." In conjunction with the Undeniably Dairy Mac and Cheese Festival and Father's Day in 2020, the team adorned the first ever "Mac Daddies" team garb, and have since adopted it as one of their alternate mascots, mostly for the dad's in the crowd who support the team.

Well, not to be left out, the Battle Jacks in Battle Creek created their own delicious alternate mascot - "The Doughnuts!"

Battle Creek was host to the most recent Donut and Beer Festival, and in their inaugural season last year, adopted the tasty moniker as their food alternative on the field.

Well, it only makes sense that two teams in such close proximity, both with delicious food alternate mascots, should probably have some fun with it, and Friday will be the Northwoods League's first ever "Food Fight Night."

So who do you have winning Food FIght Night? The Mac Daddies, or The Doughnuts? Personally, my taste for cheese far outweighs my sweet tooth, but to each their own. It should still be fun. (For clarity, no food throwing will ACTUALLY take place... that we're aware of.)

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