There are some people I grew up watching on the television or through headphones I've been blessed to converse with, who have made a profound impact on my life. When I was a kid, there was nothing larger than life for me than professional wrestling, and one wrestler in particular had that ability to get you attention, good or bad. Marc Mero grew up in New York and was often bullied, which is what led him to start training in boxing. This would ultimately lead to 4 state championships, including three consecutive Golden Gloves championships.

After sustaining an injury that would remove him from the boxing world, Marc went back to that same childhood dream some of us had of becoming a pro wrestler. Marc Mero saw what he wanted and went for it. Training under the illustrious Milenko family, Marc quickly found his way to WCW, where he would become a 3-time Television Champion, and eventually to WWE where he would capture the Intercontinental Title. Marc's storyline with his then wife Sable was possibly one of the most emotionally involved in the entire federation, in terms of how it made the fans feel. Through ups & downs, Marc has always found a way to fight back through adversity.

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After retiring from wrestling, Marc found a new calling and wrote a book in 2010, How To Be the Happiest Person on the Planet, and has found a new career in giving motivational speeches in schools. He's quickly become the #1 school presenter and has made a tremendous impact on young lives. It was our honor talking to him about his career, working with legends like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson and more, as well as his love for helping others with his new passion. It was an honor...

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