Michigan has some seriously awesome islands on the Great Lakes with some of the more notable ones being Beaver, Mackinac, Drummond, Grosse Ile, Harsens, and Isle Royale. The state alone has 64,980 inland lakes and ponds which is a little mind-blowing.

But if you've always wanted to visit each of Michigan's islands, you're not gonna like finding out you'll most likely never be able to do it.

This article points out that if you had any hopes of visiting EVERY island, you may want to move on to a more realistic goal unless you plan on visiting over 30,000 of them:

The Great Lakes encompass about 35,000 islands in total, which formed during the end of the last glacial period in the Great Lakes Basin. Uneven glacial erosion led to certain areas having higher hills which became the Great Lake islands we know and love today. The islands are home to many people, a refuge for wildlife, and a spectacular place to take in the natural beauty our lakes have to offer.

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Just Not In The Cards

Never mind the fact that some of these islands may not even be accessible to use to visit, but 35,000 is such a ridiculous number. Let's say you did want to visit them all.

First off, you'd have to be retired because it would be a 7-day-a-week adventure. If you visited 5 islands a day every day of the year, you would finish visiting all of them in about 20 years. That's without any breaks and every day of the year.

As I said, it ain't happening.

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