Recently, we were talking about the show "Drain the Oceans," where they use scientific technology to drain oceans, lakes, and other bodies of water to investigate sunken vessels, and what may have caused them. Recently, in the upcoming series of draining the oceans, they put a focus on draining bodies of water to find vehicles and vessels that were used to illegally run alcohol during the prohibition era.

The series deals with the finding of these vessels and how they could be connected to the mob. One very interesting find was a Model T that was discovered in the Detroit River. After we spoke about it on the radio, I had a woman email me to tell me that someone in her family actually lost a Model T in the Detroit River and that the one featured in the show could very much be that vehicle. Here is the information that she passed on to me:

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I just read your article on finding a Model T in the Detroit River and wanted to let you know that my Mom told me that her Grandfather was a "Rum Runner" that used to sneak booze across the Detroit River in a Model T, in the winter, because it used to freeze over, but his car went down through the ice.

Although he was doing something illegal, it's important to note there may have been no mob connection, as she continues...

She never mentioned anything about him being connected to the mob though. I do believe he survived too, but I'll ask her, she's 82 now and still a very daring and adventurous woman, I can definitely see that running in our family! Lol!

I don't know if there's a way to determine if it was his or not, but never-the-less, an awesome story that shows you just how close to home this series is gonna hit.

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