Ever since we were kids, we have been told the importance of protecting our planet and the importance of recycling and properly managing our waste. Sadly, the earth is heavily polluted, and I don’t even want to go into how much plastic is in the oceans, but things are clearly not doing well, especially after hearing in a recent survey that per capita, the entire Midwest, is the most trash-filled state.

A recent survey shows that Michigan has the most waste in landfills in America, with roughly 68.3 tons of waste in landfills per capita, which is 72% above the national average:

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The Chief Revenue Officer of IT Asset Management Group (IT-AMG), Richy George commented on how landfills can be both a good and a bad thing, saying:

Landfills are an integral part of modern waste management, although they might not be the most efficient way of managing waste. Once the waste has reached a landfill, it becomes much more difficult to reuse or recycle. Landfills can pose severe environmental hazards, such as methane gas pockets and groundwater pollution, if not properly managed, as well as the significant amounts of land and resources that must be dedicated to maintaining a landfill.

It isn't just Michigan that's the worst. Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin all rank within the Top 6 states with the most trash in their landfills. Below you can read more info on the amount of trash in our landfills in the Top 10 states with the most trash:

These Are The 10 States With The Most Trash In Landfills, Per Capita

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