I am generally concerned for the people of Ohio because, for as much crap as we Michiganders give them, there is a homeschooling that is seriously giving me concerns that they have officially gone off the deep end. What’s more astounding is I cannot believe for the life of me that our government hasn’t stepped in and done something about the school.

Apparently, there is a homeschool that is teaching their children how to be a good Nazi. I somehow missed this news when it became public back in 2021, and I was only made aware of it because of a recent episode of Last Week Tonight. The person who is in charge of the home school is even being abandoned by their family, as one report said that a small family-run business that employed one of the leaders of this white supremacist pro-Nazi home-schooling network said that the teacher is no longer an employee as a result of news coming out.

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Apparently, this was not made aware to the family, but it is well known now, as earlier this year the Ohio Department of Education was reportedly investigating the network that is run by an anonymous couple. I’m not trying to take this to a dark place by any means, but I think it is very clear that in today’s day and age, especially anybody identifying as a Nazi is an enemy of the State and should be treated as such.

That mentality and that word have no place in today’s world, and the result of World War II should’ve been the death of the Nazis. The fact that we live in a world where people can be make-believe Nazis is so dangerous. Nazis are still enemies of the American people, and so is anyone who associates with these people.

Why hasn’t the government stepped in and done something about this?

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