A new wrestling film, "350 Days" will be screened for one night only on July 12th.  The film features many legends of the ring including a late great Michigan native. 

According to the story from M-Live,  the new film will be screened by Fathom events across the country.  Locally you can see it at the Kalamazoo 10.

The film features many legends of the wrestling ring from Bret Hart to Greg "The Hammer" Valentine to "Superstar" Billy Graham, Ted Dibiase and even the late George "The Animal" Steele.

The film looks at the hard life of wrestling on the road.   Many interviews in the film are the last given by some of the names featured in the film including the late Michigan native, George "The Animal" Steele, who died last year.

The film has been in production for five years and can be seen for one night only on the 12th.

As of now that is the only way to see the film, the director is trying to get the film out for a wider release.  No word on when it will get a wider release or if it will be available on streaming services.

For more details on the screening you can click on Kalamazoo 10 or Fatham Events.

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