With all the distractions that we face as drivers now between cars, that drive themselves, social media, built into cell phones, and the unnecessary urge to text people while you’re driving, it’s never been more dangerous to be a driver.

A study conducted by a personal injury, firm at Suzuki Law Offices has found that one of the most dangerous things that can lead to accidents is something we all do is drivers. They recently compiled the top 10 most dangerous states when it comes to changing lanes and found that Ohio is the second most deadly state in the country.

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They break down the data and their assessment:

Ohio came in as the second most dangerous state to change lanes, with a percentage of 6.16%, based on 173 out of 2,808 drivers in fatal accidents moving to a different lane at the time.

How Was This Data Collected?

The study was conducted by personal injury firm Suzuki Law Offices, utilizing data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on the number of drivers involved in fatal crashes between 2017 and 2021. The data analyzed drivers who made a pre-event movement apart from going straight at the time of the crash to discover how many were changing lanes.

How Can You Save A Life?

Well first off, slow tf down. There's no reason to be travelling at a speed on the road where a moment can mean life or death because you gave someone no reaction time. It also means you should turn your blinker on, take a good look at who's coming behind you, then make sure the coast is absolutely clear.

Michigan did not make the Top 10 list but y'all still suck at driving anyway, so figure it out.

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