There is no way that this home in Brecksville, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland, wasn't home to an NBA star, NFL star, or celebrity at some point, because this place SCREAMS over the top, and active.

It's got so many cool features, twists, and turns, that it could probably have its own episode of the old MTV Cribs.

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This house is listed as an "extraordinary" brick Colonial mansion on a cul-de-sac with more than six acres attached. So clearly, privacy was key here.

But literally, from the front door, you are inundated with over the top decor, and design.

"As you enter the foyer, you will be greeted by a 5-ft Delphia waterfall, but this is just the beginning of this home's extraordinary interior. Flanking the foyer you will find an open concept floor plan that is perfect for entering, the great room is equipped with a full bar and breathtaking marble accent wall. Enjoy the wonderfully modern aesthetic in your new state-of-the-art kitchen."

And THAT'S just the view from the FOYER!!!

Every room is huge, and everything is oversized, which leads me to believe that a large, or tall athlete may have lived in this home. Not even kidding, I think the bedroom is as big as my current apartment.

Zillow/Akron Cleveland Association of Realtors
Zillow/Akron Cleveland Association of Realtors

So yeah, sure, the house is decadent. Big marble walls, columns, fancy kitchen... all mansions have that, right? Well, OK... how about a jungle-themed basement and bar! YES! Like something straight out of Graceland, this home's game room and bar is literally a "Welcome to the Jungle" moment once you walk in.

And, you know you're a big baller, when your gameroom bar has its own credit card reader on it. (Notice on the right side of the bar.)

Zillow/Akron Cleveland Association of Realtors
Zillow/Akron Cleveland Association of Realtors

The Theater room is incredible, too, which you have to see in the gallery below.

All told, the home is 10,329 square feet, with four bedrooms, six baths, a four-car garage, cigar lounge, and closets the size of conference rooms. If it's possible to live a life of luxury in the state of Ohio, this is the place you can do it, all for just JUST under $2 million.

Not too bad if you ask me, AND, when you move in, see if MTV will come and do a tour.

Take the full walkthrough in the gallery below.

Ball Out in this Ohio Mansion for Sale

Gallery Credit: Zillow/Akron Cleveland Association of Realtors

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