As much as we joke about Ohio and the people from Ohio, that isn’t to say that everyone there is bad. Consider it a sibling rivalry. But it is important to point out when somebody in Ohio does something that is truly monumental, and in the case of a recent incident at an elementary school, life-saving.

We've all felt the panic of choking I'm sure at some point in our life, but this young child eating lunch at Westview Elementary School in Jackson, Ohio was full-blown choking. Luckily for her, she had a real-life guardian angel by her side in the form of a teacher’s aide, Vadelia Mercer: VIDEO BELOW

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A first-grader from Westview Elementary School is still here today, thanks to the quick lifesaving actions of a teacher’s aide. It was lunchtime on Tuesday, Oct. 24; and the students were gathered in the cafeteria eating. It was at the trash can that a scary event began to unfold for 6-year-old Addison “Addy” Tilley, of Jackson, Ohio as she was choking on food, and no one knew. By chance, a teacher’s aide, Vadelia Mercer, went to the trash can to dump another student’s tray, that’s when she noticed that Addy was choking and immediately took action.

Luckily Mercer was there and quickly administered the Heimlich Maneuver which was able to unlodge whatever got stuck in Addy’s throat. She is a true hero and deserves the most recognition we can give her for this smart and heroic act. She better get a raise for that.

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