Former members of Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Journey, and others make up the all-star band Dead Daisies and they will take the stage at the Music Factory in July.

Since 2013, the Dead Daisies' lineup has included musicians who have played in some of rock's biggest bands: the Rolling Stones, Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Journey, Nine Inch Nails an others. Unlike many of today's vanity projects and side-bands, Dead Daisies actually get out and play live. Their current roster is impressive:

Glen Hughes- Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Deep Purple, Hughes played bass and sang with David Coverdale in the Mark III and IV lineups of the band from 1973-1976. In addition to his many other band and solo projects, he sang on Black Sabbath's 1986 record Seventh Star.

Doug Aldrich- A touring member of Whitesnake and Dio, Aldrich also played guitar on a Glen Hughes' solo tour in 2015. His career started (or didn't) when he auditioned for KISS in 1982 but lost the job to Vinnie Vincent. Aldrich stuck with it, played in a Las Vegas rock show for a time with other journeymen from the scene and has an active career and a wide-ranging resume today.

Tommy Clufetos- You'll find this drummer's name on liner notes from Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent. He played in the reunited Black Sabbath when Bill Ward refused to participate. He also did the Sabbath final tour and is currently in Ozzy's solo band when he's not behind the kit with Dead Daisies.

David Lowry- The founder of Dead Daisies, Lowry is what we used to call a "playboy" or a "trust fund baby." The son of an Australian billionaire, the business man was an aviator before forming the rock band in 2012. I've got to think this guy can shred, or nobody would play with him.

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The Dead Daisies current lineup will play original songs form their five albums, plus you'll hear Deep Purple classics and hits from other members' bands when they play the Music Factory in Battle Creek.

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