Kansas is commemorating the 40th anniversary of 'Point of Know Return' with a tour. In this exclusive interview, singer Ronnie Platt catches us up with what's happening with the band.

"It's been beyond my wildest dreams."

I could hear the smile in his voice when I talked to Ronnie Platt. The name may not be familiar, but the band he sings for is as much a part of American lore as The Wizard of Oz: Kansas. Steve Walsh co-founded Kansas in 1973. When he decided to retire in 2014, the other guys weren't ready to hang up their guitars yet.

Ronnie Platt was a Chicago truck driver singing along with "Dust in the Wind" on the radio in his rig- now he takes center stage with his idols every night as the singer for Kansas. We talked about what it's like to step up to the mic in a legendary band. Other rock icons playing music they hate night after night was also a topic we covered. What do bands do when one or more members decide they've had enough- how do you keep the music alive? Ronnie has a big part in the heritage of Kansas and their future as the band is writing new music.

Listen as Ronnie and I discuss the Kansas 40th anniversary 'Point of Know Return' tour and his time with the legendary band; "I've won the rock & roll lottery!"

  • Kansas- The Point of Know Return Tour
  • Kalamazoo State Theatre
  • Friday, October 26, 2018
  • Tickets $59.50 – $99.50

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