Seems like it's been WAY more than six months since Saugatuck Brewing closed its location at the old Gonzo's Biggdogg Brewery in Kalamazoo, but that is accurate. They announced plans to move earlier in 2022, and now... FINALLY, we might see the doors open once again at their new spot.

Saugatuck is based out of Douglas, but opened its Kalamazoo location on Westnedge six years ago. They acquired the Gonzo's properties, and will NOW open in their old brewing spot.

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"We are literally all-hands-on-deck getting as much done as fast as we can. We've had some people from the brewhouse in our Saugatuck location coming down to help get everything ready. The whole company is pretty excited to getting back open in Kalamazoo."

Saugatuck beverage director Michael Biddick said that to MLive just before the holidays, alongside posts for job openings. Their new spot will be in the old Gonzo's brewing location on the corner of Portage and E. Michigan Ave. (which, somehow, I drive by this location LITERALLY every day and never noticed a sign).

At the moment, they don't have a concrete day to open, but it seems like all the necessary items are in place, aside from hiring a little more staff.

"The process has taken a lot longer than we expected on the approval side of things, and now we're tryi9ng to push as fast as we can on a lot of the operational things. We are super excited to get back open."

The new location is bigger than their previous spot on Westnedge, and they're hoping to get the necessary approval to open a patio space in the spring.

Whenever they're able to open, they'll be doing so with a new beer, too, specific to the new location, called the O.P.P., short for "Olde Peninsula Porter," named for the building they're moving into. It'll also sell custom-label, small-batch, Michigan-made, private-label liquor and wine.

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