Georgia was recently on the hot seat with a lot of parents after being notified that students who were in debt for school lunches would be cut off from charging a meal towards their account, and instead, be served with what can only be considered as the least- nutritional meal of all time, a cheese sandwich and milk.

Recently WXYZ reported about how after parents had received a letter from City Schools of Decatur, the public began an independent drive on GoFundMe which raised $7o,000 to alleviate the more than $88,000 in debt the school has accrued since the beginning of the pandemic:

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In a Jan. 9 email to parents and guardians, City Schools of Decatur said middle and high school students would be permitted to charge a maximum of three meals, "equivalent to $10.50 per student for the entire school year." If a student exceeds this limit, the school says it will provide an "alternative lunch" consisting of a cheese sandwich and milk. The change would go into effect in February.


Could Ohio Students In Debt Soon Be Served Cheese Sandwiches Too?

There's no telling what the school systems in Ohio may do if they run into a similar situation. As of March 2023, the statewide debt for school lunches passed $3.6 Million according to WKRC, so this move may not be far off.

Let's face it, this is not the scenario you want to have to face as a parent or a child. Bread holds almost no nutritional value, and although milk has Vitamin D and Calcium, sliced American cheese is no more than the college dropout with a tan who hangs around the same bar every day hitting on the servers, of milk.

I guess parents weren't too far off with that fad a few years ago, throwing American cheese slices on the faces of their toddlers. Now these schools are practically doing the same thing.

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