Tis the season.  And this year it seems more than ever.  In past years we'd here about a handful of incidents where an anonymous person was handing out $100 bills or buying somebody's dinner, things like that.  But this year, how many stories have we heard about people giving out large sums of money, leaving huge tips at restaurants or he big thing this year, regular people and celebrities paying off enormous amounts of lay-away items.  For the most part, these acts of financial kindness were happening somewhere else but not around here; until now.

According to a report on woodtv.com, a Secret Santa has delivered an early gift to families in the Parchment School District by paying off the remaining lunch debt at every school in the district.  The total came to $7,200.  Now that's getting it done!  What I didn't know until now is that this is the 3rd year in a row that this Secret Santa has been so generous.




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