Last night the Detroit Lions overcame the odds, and for the first time in 11,697 days, the Detroit Lions captured a playoff victory, moving them one step closer to the Super Bowl and into a divisional championship game. The Lions could not have had a better first-round matchup as their former quarterback Matthew Stafford And his St. Louis Rams came into Detroit to face the former Ram, Jared Goff, and the Detroit Lions in a game that was as close as could be.

But in the end, the Detroit Lions were able to prevail in a 24 to 23 victory which moves them to the next round to face either the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s now safe to say that the same old lions are a thing of the past and should be left there. But with this victory comes another harsh reality that Detroit Lions fans must now accept which is it is officially time to break up with Matthew Stafford.

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Why The Lions Should Not Cheer For Matthew Stafford

We watched as Matthew Stafford left Detroit and then the very next season captured the Super Bowl championship and tried to ride on his coat to feel better about ourselves as fans. But we are done rooting for the people who are now trying to take us out of a Super Bowl possibility.

Matthew Stafford gave everything he could for this team, but he left for a better opportunity. You can appreciate what he did for the lions, but as far as I’m concerned, we have done enough appreciating.

Detroit Lions Fans Have To Move On From Matthew Stafford

We were there cheering for him in the Super Bowl and celebrated along with him. I appreciate everything Matthew Stafford did for the Detroit Lions, but it is officially time to break up with him and delete his number from our phone.

I know it’s not easy, but if you are a true Detroit Lions fan, it doesn’t matter how long somebody played on your team, The only team that matters is the Detroit Lions for far too long. This team has been dragged through the mud and been the laughingstock of the entire league.

But this is a new Detroit Lions team, and it’s time people realize that. SOL is dead. Matthew Stafford gave his all but did nothing for this team. Goff just won you a playoff game, something Stafford couldn't do even with Calvin Johnson, so there's nothing left that we owe him.

Detroit Lions Logos Through The Years

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Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Day Game From 1999

The Lions were then led by Bobby Ross and saw scoring touchdowns by Germane Crowell in the first quarter, then Greg Hill and Johnny Morton in the second quarter, which would prove to be enough by the end of the 4th. The game was a sell-out of 77,905, which is not unusual for these games.

Gallery Credit: Leanne Shaw Truckey

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