Important decision coming up for you when it comes to picking out your costume for Halloween this year because it is a reflection of your alter-ego is it not?  I can't recommend the right costume for you but I can recommend what costumed alter-ego you shouldn't be.  With that - here are some I recommend  you avoid.

Lions Coach Matt Patricia - Sure its an easy costume to pull off. Stuff a Lions hoodie with a fake fat belly to fatten yourself up, throw a Lions cap on your head, adorn your face with a fake beard and shove a pencil behind your ear and voila! You're an NFL coach with a 9 and 22 win/loss record.

Seattle Seahawks v Detroit Lions
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Better Choice:Do yourself a favor if you're going to insist on being an NFL coach this Halloween, look toward a more menacing, frightening source like a Bill Belichick or get all Walrus-like with a nod toward Andy Reid. Either way between them they have tons of NFL wins - it'll give you more street cred.

That Tiger King Dude (or anything that has to do with Tiger King) - Although it might be tempting to emulate a man who rolls with exotic wildlife violations and a failed hire for murder plan but these are only two (of many) reasons to avoid this messy costume idea. I'm telling you, if 2020 were a person, it would definitely be Joe Exotic. Weird, strange, unpredictable are just a few ways to describe this odd dude. I wouldn't be surprised if he blamed Carol Baskin for starting the Covid-19 pandemic.

2015 CMT Music Awards - Backstage & Audience
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Better Choice: Try going a Joe Dirt route or even a Lieutenant Dangle from Reno 911. Both are fashion icons and I hear mullets are making a comeback...or was that mutton?

Blisters The Clown or Any Clown For that Matter - Clowns are just down right creepy. Never understood the clown thing. Seeing that fixed facial expression anywhere but under a big top setting is just inherently unsettling and seems so out of place. A fixed smiling facial feature makes me wonder what clowns are really up to.

Celebrities Attend Heath Ledger Tribute
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Better Choice: If you insist on clowning around this Halloween go all out then and terrify people by being Pennywise from the movie "IT" or Batman's nemesis The Joker.

There you go my friends. Some sound Halloween costume advice from JT. Hey, at least I'm not giving you unwanted financial or relationship advice...well not yet

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