Update: The video has been re-edited and as of 7pm, March 24th, it's still playing.

Well, that was fast. A poster on Vanished Kalamazoo shared a YouTube video made at Kalamazoo's Vinyl Vendors, a music distribution warehouse. It was just a home video with the people working there interacting and messing around. But the guess here is, because there was some licensed incidental music in the background on the audio track it was flagged. A warning that says "SME" means Sony Music Entertainment doesn't want licensed music, however incidental, being used.

(bigbubbadog via YouTube)

But before the video was blocked....If you were young and working in the late 80's or early 90's, this would have had to have been the greatest job in the world to have. A YouTube user named "bigbubbadog" posted the video from 1991 taken at Vinyl Vendors near Sprinkle Road. Vinyl Vendors distributed CD's, Cassettes, even records. It was a music warehouse that sent product to all the stores that sold music. When you went to Believe In Music around West Michigan, or Musicland at the mall, or a place like Boogie Records, the product they were selling are came from warehouses like Vinyl Vendors.

In many ways this video is similar to the Gibson Guitar video posted last week by the company. The difference being that film was made by management and had no popular music on it (the irony being, think how much popular music was made with those Gibson products), and this looks more like a (Betamax, as Michael Lueck commented) home video quality piece. Lueck also made a funny but true observation on Vanished Kalamazoo, saying it looked like the "lost episode" of The Office.

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The solution might to just remove the soundtrack to remove the background music, but it would be a shame to lose the interaction between the employees at the time.

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