So the Detroit Lions haven't yet made it to the Super Bowl, but plenty of players who have their collegiate roots in Michigan have made it to the big show. The University of Michigan is among the top 5 schools that produce Super Bowl players.

A map created by the American Geographical Society and shared on Facebook by the Michigan Geographic Alliance shows which schools across America can claim the most Super Bowl players among their alumni.

The University of Michigan is in the top 4 schools in the country in terms of Super Bowl alums, trailing only "The U," USC and UCLA. 104 Michigan Men have played in the Super Bowl.

Michigan State has sent more than 50 players to the Super Bowl while more than 90 Super Bowlers have been Notre Dame Irish.

U of M fans will be wondering about That School Down South. The Ohio State University can only claim around 75 Super Bowl quality alumni.

super bowl alumni map
American Geographic Society

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