There are some strange things in the deep realms of the Great Lakes. Stories of monsters and cryptids, and even today, modern marvels. Some Sturgeon can grow as long as 6 feet long, and weigh hundreds of pounds.

But there are some creatures in the water that are most curious, and some of them, you can't even see with the naked eye. But they're out there, and they're weird.

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The Great Lakes are host to a multitude of creatures and habitats unique for only specific species of plants and animals. We all know about the Sturgeon, the bass, and the whitefish. But what about the lampreys? The Fourspine Stickleback? Have you ever heard of an Aquatic Moth?

Well, they, along with some other strange water creatures, make the Great Lakes their home, and trust me... some of these creatures are the stuff of nightmares.

Strange Creatures of the Great Lakes

Threatened/Endangered Species of Michigan

Michigan is home to a LARGE amount of unique Flora and Fauna, but a good portion of its species are on some kind of protected list, whether it be "Threatened," or flat out "Endangered."

Michigan's Prehistoric Creatures

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