The woman, the myth, the voice; Terri Nunn will join Mike and Stefani from the Rocker Morning Show August 13th to give you the skinny on Berlin's latest studio album and 40th anniversary tour. Transcendance, released on August 2nd, is the band's first collaboration since 1984's Love Life, and they're celebrating with a tour featuring the B-52s. Known for hits like The Metro, No More Words, and, of course the internationally ranked number 1 hit Take My Breath Away, this is the first time all of the original members are working together again, a "gift", Nunn says, that "I never thought I'd get again."

Check out the exclusive interview with Terri Nunn of Berlin on the Rocker Morning Show just after 7:00 August 13th, and see Berlin live with the B-52s in Grand Rapids on September 11th, and Detroit on September 14th.

Bonus Video: Transcendance

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