After seeing this video Jim Middleton put together, it just confirms I want my superpower to be time travel.

Middleton has been using a motion picture camera for a long time, and he took some of the Super 8mm film footage he created in the summer of 1991 and put it together into a video "1991 A Quick Summer in Battle Creek".

In the span of less than three minutes, it takes you all over Battle Creek from downtown and over to the Federal Center, to the airport and plenty of scenes of that year's Balloon Festival and Air Show. Plus, there's a few shots from what appears to be "The World's Longest Breakfast Table", and even a quick glimpse of the former Robinson's Department Store.

Here's Jim's own description of what you'll see on this video:

"A stop motion exercise using one of my last super 8mm film cartridges.  It shows various summer activities around the Cereal City, including mobile sculptures, the near-perpetual demolition of older buildings, and the annual hot air balloon festival"

(Jim Middleton via

Thanks to the obvious major advances in video software in the past thirty years, Middleton has been able to color correct the film a bit. Here's a link to that color corrected version.

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