Every region of the country has some interesting foods they enjoy. What foods do we eat in the Great Lakes states that would give other Americans pause?
Thrillist compiled a list of the most gross foods eaten across the United States. Here are their picks for the Great Lakes states of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin.

  • Indiana

    Fried Brain Sandwich

    Let's get the worst one right out of the way first. Tucked away in the southwestern corner of the state is Evansville. Perhaps Indiana would want to give the city away to Kentucky so they don't have to be associated with fried brain sandwiches. Traditionally it's cow brain, but you can find pork brains as well. The Hilltop Inn, is best known for these fatty sliders.

  • Illinois

    Gravy Bread

    How can you take Chicago's famous Italian Beef sandwich and make it a little less gloriously indulgent than it should be? Take the beef away: just soak the roll in au jus and call it Gravy Bread.

  • Michigan

    Roadkill & Hunted Foods

    Aparently the Thrillist author couldn't find anything particularly gross from our state's restaurants, so he chose the foods we hunt and fish for like venison and Lake Superior whitefish. You can turn that fish into a party dip - if you really wanted to.

  • Ohio

    Chili Five Way

    Cincinnati Chili pops up on the Thrillist list. And it's not gross, just unnerving if you never had it before. The chili is minced meat served over spaghetti with the most distinguishing flavor being cinnamon. Your 5 way means chili, spaghetti, cheese, onion and beans.

    Skyline is the best known, but some swear by local chain Gold Star.

  • Wisconsin

    Butter Burger

    If you've ever stopped at Culver's, you've unknowingly encountered a signature Wisconsin dish, the butter burger. Done right there's a pat or two or six of butter smushed into the ground beef. Culver's took the concept beyond the Badger State, but Solly's near Milwaukee gets top billing for the indulgent burger.

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