Donut lovers in Battle Creek's Urbandale neighborhood will need to travel a little farther to get their sweet treats, Tom's Donuts has closed.

Signs on the door indicate that the business is for sale.

Stories about the closure first popped up on the You Know You're From Battle Creek Facebook page with several comments about the closure

  • Wow, another Battle Creek business that couldn’t make it. I saw a sign in the door this morning when I went by. So sorry to hear this.

  • So sorry to hear this. It was another little place where people could stop for a donut and a cup of coffee. I am sad.

  • zellers donuts in springfield were the best around

  • Oh that's so sad. I liked their donuts and after 5 pm they were half priced.

The chain's home base is in Northeast Indiana with locations in Fort Wayne and the "Original" Tom's Donuts in Angola.

Donut lovers in Battle Creek will have to get thier fix from Sweetwater's or Louie's.

Local Youtuber Aarin Egleston who nearly took down a full dozen from Tom's.

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