The Michigan - Michigan State rivalry is rivalry is over 120 years old and continues to be one of the most anticipated match ups in the history of Big 10 Football. Obviously with so much history trying to narrow it down to 5 plays is impossible but each play you watch will certainly make you appreciate the tenure of rivalry football witnessed by no other. So check out our list of...

Top 5 Most Famous Plays Between Michigan & Michigan State

5) A Botched Punt

It was the first game of Jim Harbaughs reign as the future savior of U of M Football and State gave him a welcome of biblical proportions. This 2015 game is one Wolverine fans want to forget but can't.

4) Desmond Howard Is Tripped:

From the infamous "No One vs No One" game. Desmond Howard is clearly held first and then tripped while catching and then dropping a winning touchdown pass.

3) A  Miracle Charles Woodson Interception: 

A simple throwaway pass turns into an astronomical feat by Charles Woodson who appears to have leapt 15 feet to snag the interception one handed.

2) Duckett Dashes Hopes At Clockgate:

Michigan State pulled off a stunner in 2001, better known as "Clockgate". The Spartans beat #6 Michigan with one second on the clock after Jeff Smoker threw a 2-yard touchdown pass to T.J. Duckett to seal the upset.

Three OT's in 04:

Trailing 27-10 in the 4th, with less than 8 minutes to play. Henne hits Braylon Edward twice in the final six minutes of the game to tie it up at 27.

1) Little Brother

Wolverines running back Mike Hart tagged MSU with the "Little Brother" title after a big Wolverine come back win...

MSU then promptly won the next four games in the series, and seven of the next eight.


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