There are so many places in the world that I cannot wait to visit, and I’m sure for people who live in other countries, and even other continents for that matter, I feel the same way about the United States of America.

The country itself is young, but there are still so many exciting landmarks and areas to visit. That excitement was felt by a Vietnamese international student who said that she applied to study at Miami University in Florida. The shock on her face must’ve been massive when she found out that although she had been accepted, she would not be moving to Florida.

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Valerie Do, who is 19, apparently applied to Miami University back in 2021 and recently she got the acceptance letter congratulating her on her acceptance to Miami University… OHIO. As you can imagine, she wasn’t too excited about the shocking turn of events, as she told Insider:

I realized there are no beaches; it's just a cornfield in the middle of nowhere in the Midwest of America

A Nice Alternative

I know it's nothing like the beaches of sunny Florida, but luckily for her, she isn't too far away from the Great Lakes, which have their own beauty. Unfortunately for her, we're entering winter so the lakes won't be good to swim in for another 8 months.

Until then, she has decided to attend the school, but in a video she posted, she joked that Ohio was comparable to Hell:

When someone says 'go to hell' but I am studying abroad at Miami University of Ohio. I thought it was Miami Florida and did not realize. There are no beaches here it's just corn field and in the middle of nowhere.


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