Over the weekend, a car wreck on South Westnedge Ave. resulted in a Kalamazoo Bike Shop being damaged, and it's not the first time accidents have happened in front of the shop.

The latest crash happened Saturday afternoon in front the bike shop Kzoo Swift. In the video, you can see an SUV in the middle lane trying to turn onto Forest Street, and as it merges into the left lane, it side-swipes another SUV, sending it into a tree, and smashing into the front window of Kzoo Swift.

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It's very clear that the darker SUV initially didn't see the smaller white SV, driven by Sean Rodrigues, who is OK after the wreck. He suffered a head injury that required several stitches and staples. He also had injuries to his leg and neck.

I'm Just lucky no pedestrians were walking down the sidewalk. - Sean Rodrigues

Ryan Barber, who owns Kzoo Swift, said there have been a number of accidents in the area. He was in the showroom of his shop with a customer when the wreck happened. His security system caught the whole incident, but it wasn't the first time it's happened. He's caught a number of accidents as vehicles change lanes abruptly in front of his shop.

I did make note recently how Michigan Drivers seem to think they're all NASCAR drivers now that the snow's melted, and roads are clear.

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